Sunday, October 12, 2014

Tripping down south

As in road tripping...not the other kind of tripping...

Had two nights in Kingston and got in 4 walks on Kingston Beach...

 (looking from one end)

(to the other)
Caught up with long time friend Brenda in Margate on the Thursday afternoon.  We went and had afternoon tea at the local café - Bread and Jam
Then Friday, 5 of us travelled to Conningham to have lunch at Jo's place...

(checking out the deck)

(and the amazing view)

And a farewell shot of us all...
(me, Pommie Pam, Pastel Pam, Fay, Brenda and Jo)
I met Pommie Pam and Fay through Brenda a number of years ago, and Pastel Pam and Jo are now new friends :)
And just to there are two Pam's in the group, to differentiate, one is Pommie Pam (the connection should be obvious) and the other is Pastel Pam as she is a is a painter of pastel pictures!
We plan on getting together again for a Christmas lunch in late November at the Hobart Casino.  So it looks like another road trip coming up :))
Thanks Jo...for a lovely day!!
Had another couple of new friends to keep me company on the trip down. 
 David Gray and Passenger (Flight of the Crow). Both now firm favourites. 
And also brought Denver back with me as he had been visiting family down that way.
On the book front, while down south, I started Book 2 in the Karl Ove Knausgaard series.  Really enjoying it so far... 
That's it from me.  Enjoy your week!


  1. been waiting to read of your trip down SOUTH.
    sounds like this could be something you could do at least twice a year.
    hope i will be around when you plan your next trip, then stay with me.
    i recognised brenda, before i read the names. shows we don't really change.
    keep happy.

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the heads up on my new hair :)) xx

  2. Looks like you had a fun time! Are these all friends from when you lived down Hobart way, or another group? What a great view Jo has!!

    1. Hi Sharm - Brenda is my original friend from when we first moved to Tassie (and lived in Wynyard), then I met Pommie Pam and Fay through her when she moved to Margate. Pastel Pam and Jo are new friends (again through Brenda ) who I met on the day.

      So I guess you could say they are all my association :)) xx