Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Great weekend...didn't want to come home :) 

And I have a new passion...driving! In my beautiful new car :))

Here's a sunrise photo from Friday morning before I left Deloraine.  The start to a lovely weekend...

Stopped at Boat Harbour to visit my friend Fay, then on to visit Hazel, then in to Stanley to book into my cabin.  Got in my first hour long beach walk about 5pm, then chicken soup (which I'd brought from home) for tea.  A little TV...a little reading...an early night...
Saturday I was up for an early morning hour long beach walk.  Had the whole beach to myself, as I did on all my walks.  Bliss...
Here's a few photos...
(sunrise over The Nut)
(starting my walk at one end of the beach and walking to the end)
(turning around and walking all the way back to the town)
And all points in between...

Had a wander around town, browsing the shops, and visited my friend Simone for a coffee.
After lunch picked up two friends (Ursula and Shirley) in Smithton and drove out for afternoon tea with our friend Millie.
Back to Stanley in time for another hour beach walk just before dark.
More chicken soup...more TV...more reading...more sleep...
Sunday morning got in my last beach walk.  Packed up the cabin then off to the Presbyterian Church (that I had attended when I lived in Stanley) for the morning.  The folk there were surprised to see me and we had a catch up and cuppa after the service.
Then Carrie, Hazel and I had lunch together at the Dockside Café...
(Carrie and Hazel)
After which I went on a bit of a last minute shopping spree in the best shop in Stanley... Providore 24
before the 2 hour drive back home.
Took my laptop with me and didn't even turn  it on.
Took Jason with me and didn't even listen to him.
He has been usurped!!
Van is my man again!  Played THIS amazing cd all weekend...
And still playing it!!!


  1. i have been waiting for your report of stanley. thanks lynda.
    it sounds easy enough to do, so this could be your little secret escape..

    1. Hi Debbie - it was very easy to do :) Especially with my nice new car :)) Stanley is a lovely place to escape to... xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely time! You need to treat yourself like this more xxx

    1. Hi Hayley - I hope to make it a regular little treat :)) xx

  3. Sounds like a great weekend Mum. Told the boys and they were remembering about the millions of crabs on the beach. Loved our trips to Stanley when you lived there, nice to see the pics and remember how beautiful it is.

    1. Hi Natasha - yes...it was so nice to be there again. Two things that I had forgotten...the big expanse of sky, and the sound of the waves breaking gently on the shore. Beautiful!! xx

  4. As I'm unfamiliar with the names of towns in your area, I thought you'd decided to call your car Stanley! :D Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

    1. That's funny :)))) It's not a bad name for a car!!! xx