Sunday, November 17, 2013

good reads

I seem to have come across an abundance of good books recently.  I won't go into too much detail about them.  Sometimes it's best not to know other people's opinions before you read them, but if you do want to read some reviews (and possibly an excerpt from them) you can always go to

Picked this one up at the library recently ( the title is 'I'm Off Then' - don't know why they have to put the bar sticker over the title!)  It was a really good read...interesting...informative...and funny!!

Another amazing book!  About slavery in the US...the underground railroad...and the Quakers who helped the slaves escaping from the south to Canada...and the war between the north and south.  Such a good read. Highly recommended by me!!

Recently bought this boxed set of C S Lewis books.  I hadn't read any of his writings before, but started with Mere Christianity and will certainly be reading more.  I really like the way he reasons out his faith.  I'd call it the thinking man's guide to Christianity!

Still reading this one....

And picked up this pile from the library yesterday.  Will let you know how I go with them....

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