Thursday, July 11, 2013


Not the real kind, but fabric ones!
I'm in a snail mail/round robin yahoo group and to celebrate our anniversary of the start of the group we have a swap each year.  This year it was a bookmark and some fabric.  I think 10 ladies took part and I have received about half of my fabric so far.
I decide to do hexagonal/english pieced flowers with mine.  I like to wash my fabric first, so here it is drying by the' hungry monster'...

Then I found a template pattern in one of Marnie's craft books.  The smaller one for the paper pieces and the larger for the fabric.

Her are some of the fabrics I've received so far...

Cut out and piecing...

And some of my 'flowers' made up.  I've done 9 so far and I'm eagerly awaiting the fabric from the rest of the ladies so I can make more...


  1. I like english pieced quilts, I started one several years ago, it is in a box in the closet to worked on another day :)


  2. Lynda, they are coming up really well! And I see my fabric there LOL.... I too am still waiting on a few more to come. By the way, if you come visit my ( I have one of my aprons & dishcloths for a giveaway if you are interested. Big Hugs, Sharm

  3. Hello - I found your blog not long ago, and have enjoyed reading it.
    Your hexagon flowers are beautiful, a real work of patience.
    I note you are still wondering about where you "fit in" with regards to church attendance, and practicing your faith? I saw the comment a while ago from Rena inviting you to attend Gospel Meetings, which are in Tasmania. I wonder if you are still keen, because I have felt led to commenting about the same thing (Invitation to Gospel mtg that is)!! I could forward the address, and if you had any other questions, I would be happy to answer (as best I could:0) if you emailed me at
    You are welcome to check out my blog also.
    Tassie is a beautiful place to settle, we have visited twice, and would love to go again.
    Take Care Oie

  4. Getting worried about you my friend, I do hope all is okay, and just the busyness of life if keeping you from your blog.

    Peace and Grace,