Saturday, February 9, 2013


Some of you asked to see some pics of my house (and even if you didn't you are getting them anyway!)
So here is my loungeroom...looking from the kitchen...

And here is my dining room/kitchen looking from the loungeroom...
Will have to get the rest of it tidied up before I can show you any more :o)


  1. I like it! Very nice and inviting! we moved to this apartment in December and still need to finish our hobby room up! It is a mess!

  2. Hi Michelle - oh yes...I know about mess, that's why I didn't let you see the rest of the house...or the garage, that has so much stuff in it I can't fit the car. Hopefully that will all go soon when I have a garage sale :o)

  3. Oh, Lynda! How peaceful and beautiful your home is! Just a delight to my heart! :0) xx

  4. Thank you Ember. I have to confess it doesn't always look this peaceful or tidy...especially after a visit from Marnie and Denver :o) xx

  5. Looking good i like your chair there so you can look out the windows