Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Making pincushions

Jules asked me in a comment awhile back how I make my pinchshions, so finally...here is what I do (I hope the explanations are clear)....
Cut out two 7" (18cm) circles.  Sew right sides together leaving a gap for turning through.  Clip/snip edges (not sure why I do this, but I seem to remember you are supposed to)....

Turn through to right side and stuff firmly with fibrefill or similar....

Hand stitch the gap closed (I use an overstitch)....

Using a longish needle and double thread with a knot in the end I then sew from top to bottom (or bottom to top) pulling the thread tight to indent the centre....

Then using the same thread I attach a button on both sides (top and bottom) and secure the thread by winding it around the button a few times before cutting thread.....

Using embroidery thread I knot it under the button....

Then wind it around the buttons going from top to bottom I segment it into 8 sections....

I knot the two ends of the embroidery thread under the button when finished and using a needle I then pull the excess end through the pinchushion and bring it out somewhere on one of the edges and cut it off (this is just to leave some thread inside the pinchushion rather than cutting it off close to where I've tied it and risk it coming undone.  And there you have it...a pinchusion....

Then you can make some more....



  1. Good directions. I just love the picture of all of the finished cushions, they are so cheerful and fun.


    1. Hi Bean! I've seen some using the hexagonal english paper pieced shape that I'd like to try too. Another project for the to do list :o) x

  2. Lynda, I have just discovered your beautiful blogs, I enjoy the photos and the links you suggest and you have lifted my spirits, THANKYOU!!
    Tonight Pat Rafter, would you believe extended many of God's beautiful creatures some hope & I'd like to share this video that he suggested, www makeitpossible dot com.
    I am so thankful to now know of the Conservative Australian Mennonites website, it is a true light.
    Kindest Regards,

    1. Hello Bianca! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and that it lifts your spirits! That is my main purpose for writing it...to encourage people :o)

  3. Your ppin cushions look great Lynda! I've done similar using wool blanketing and doing some embroidery on the top .

    1. Hi Sharm - as I mentioned to Bean...I'd like to make some using the english pieced hexagon flower shape. Marnie has been doing some english piecing. She is making a picnic blanket...quite an ambitious project!

      I think I'll start with a pin cushion :o) x