Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lynda's christmas letter...

Thought I would publish my christmas newsletter here that I have just emailed to family and friends.  Disregard the bit about looking at my blog...because you are obviously already here :o)


A year by the sea.....

Hello family and friends :o)

Not doing christmas cards this year (to save on postage costs) but wanted to send a christmas email to you all.

To just update you for those with whom I haven't been in touch for awhile:

Have been here at Stanley (by the sea...) for a bit over a year now having moved here after spending 12 months in Brisbane with Marnie and Denver.

It's been lovely to be back in cool climate Tassie, although the north easterly winds here in one of the windiest parts of Tasmania seem to be a major cause of my headaches/migraines (we're into our 4th day of them at the moment...winds and headaches!).

Kerry and I are still working on a financial settlement, but things seem to be finally progressing and I am hoping all will be finalised early next year and enable me to buy a small home of my own. I am thankful for the lovely furnished apartment (overlooking the sea) I have been able to live in while waiting.

My days seem to be kept busy with an hour early morning walk on the beach most days, attending church and a ladies bible study once a week, co-ordinating a charity knitting group once a month and other day to day matters.

I have recently joined the community craft shop in Stanley and work (on a voluntary basis) in there a couple of times a month. I am also seeing the results of my labours as some of my knitted and crocheted items are beginning to sell.

I also correspond (snail mail and email) with many ladies here in Australia and also overseas and I see this as a ministry of mutual encouragement.

If you would like to catch up on some of my doings and see some photos of the area where I live, here is a link to my blog that I try to update regularly, so take a look every so often to see what's happening on the little island:

The picture at the top of my blog is of myself and Natasha's 3 littlies when they visited early this year.

And speaking of looks like most of the family may be here for a visit over christmas/new year.

I wish you all a wonderful christmas, and may you know the blessings of the Lord now and always....

love Lynda xxx

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