Saturday, July 2, 2011

One for the boys

I had the light blue yarn...and I was given the light and dark I bought the dark red, mid brown and dark blue yarn yesterday in our Post Office cum Wool Shop.

I've started crocheting another granny square lap blanket in 'boy colours'...not with anyone in mind, but I like to have a couple of blankets on hand to give as the need arises or for charity.

Have been plagued with migraines/headaches the last few days, so it will be a quite weekend of sitting and crocheting I think.


  1. Oh those colors are so bright and pretty! Me likey!

  2. wonderful! i want to make a large grannysquare blanket soon. (it's on my list).

  3. Hi Michelle and Erika!!

    Yes, I'm pleased with the colours...and it's twice as big now, because I sat and worked on it this afternoon :o)

  4. I really like those colors...I pray that you begin to feel better soon Lynda.