Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Tea

Would you like to join me for tea and rock cakes?


  1. Mmmmmm, Sounds good - but I'm a little confused at the 2.50am posting time??? LOL

  2. Me too! It might have been morning tea, but it wasn't THAT early :o)
    Must be US time! xx

  3. I haven't had rock cakes for years. Hi Lynda. I found your blog from reading Ember's blog. I live on the border of Victoria and NSW. I have ordered Ember's new book from Koorong in Australia and can't wait to read it. Must check the library for her books as I think you said you got one from the library.

  4. Hi Linda :o)

    Yes, I got Embers 'Clear Light of Day' book from the library when I was living in Brisbane last year.

    I'm eagerly awaiting her new book also. Her books are unique.

    Hope you are not having flooding in your area.